Dandy Row

Introducing the Row

1988 Dandy Row in the snow
1988 – Dandy Row in the snow, Darwen Tower in the background

You can find Dandy Row on the edge of Darwen in Lancashire, UK, with views of farmland opposite and Darwen town in a Pennine valley behind. There are 21 houses in the Row this year although that can change as people combine or divide them. When you include the four Victorian houses built by Andrew Heap there should be 23. The Victorian buildings stand taller than the cottages.

There are very few old pictures of the Row but it can be found on maps from the early 19th century and Roman Road itself can be found on most of the much older maps of Lancashire. It was obviously an important route, avoiding the boggy Darwen valley below.

Dandy Row through maps can be found on The First 200 Years.

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