1881 Census

1881 DR census - 1
1881 Dandy Row Census – 1

There is a Key to the columns at the foot of the page

ForenameSurnameRelCondAgeOccupationWhere BornToday?
JohnPickeringss30cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
#159WilliamLeel32paper makerBuryLancs42/44
#160WilliamKnighthm32paper makerDraytonNorfolk
KateKnightwm22paper maker”s wifeHadleyShropshire
#161JamesKnighthm28paper makerDraytonNorfolk40
AnnKnightwm28paper maker’s wifeWeldrethCambs
Alice AnnKnightd4OswaldtwistleLancs
Mary CeliaKnightd3OswaldtwistleLancs
#162EdwardCromptonhm30coal minerEccleshillLancs38
AliceCromptonwm29cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
Mary AnnCromptond0.5EccleshillLancs
AliceYateswm42cotton weaverOswaldtwistleLancs
Elizabeth AnnYatesds19cotton weaverOswaldtwistleLancs
JohnYatess13cotton weaverOswaldtwistleLancs
RobertYatess13cotton weaverOswaldtwistleLancs
Sarah AnnYatesd5EccleshillLancs
Betty EllenYatesd3EccleshillLancs
1881 DR census
1881 Dandy Row Census – 2
ForenameSurnameRelCAgeOccupationWhere bornToday?
#164RalphHindlehm54paper ‘cather’ out of employOver DarwenLancs34
JaneHindlewm67housewifeNewcastle u TyneDurham
John HowardHindlels27rag engineer out of employOver DarwenLancs
#165DanielWardlebs26paper makerBoltonLancs
#166JamesMellinghw73labourerEdgeworth, BoltonLancs32
SelenaMellingss80housekeeperEdgeworth, BoltonLancs
#167William HenryLightbownhm30coal minerEccleshillLancs30
BettyLightbownwm30cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
Mary AnnLightbownd8EccleshillLancs
Sarah EllenLightbownd2EccleshillLancs
Betsy JaneLightbownd4mEccleshillLancs
#168ThomasLightbownhm54cotton weaverEccleshillLancs28
ElizabethLightbownwm42cotton weaverLower DarwenLancs
NancyLightbownd20cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
Elizabeth JaneLightbownd15cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
RichardLightbowns12cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
#169HughCromptonhm26cotton weaverTythebarn,Lancs26
SarahCromptonwm21cotton warperBrockleheadLancs
AnnCromptond2Handle Arms, Ecc.Lancs

Sarah Crompton, #169, was Andrew and Betty Heap’s daughter. Andrew Heap had the Handel Arms and later moved to 2, Dandy Row and built the 4 “new” houses, infilling the gap in the row.

1881 DR census
1881 Dandy Row Census – 3
ForenameSurnameRelCondAgeOccupationWhere bornToday?
#170RobertGarsdenhm35labourer, iron worksGrane, HaslingdenLancs16
MaryGarsdenwm34cotton weaverPickup BankLancs
JamesGarsdens15cotton weaverOver DarwenLancs
RichardGarsdens14cotton weaverOver DarwenLancs
Mary EllenGarsdend12scholarOver DarwenLancs
WilliamGarsdens10scholar /cotton weaverRanters’ Row, Ecc.Lancs
JohnGarsdens8scholarRanters’ Row, Ecc.Lancs
WalterGarsdens5scholarDandy RowLancs
#171WilliamLightbownhs69newsagentOver DarwenLancs14
#172TimothyLightbownhm58collier out of workEccleshillLancs14
Mary AnnLightbownwm58cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
ThomasLightbownss24cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
#173MargaretYateshw47housekeeperPickup BankLancs12
JamesYatesss26cotton weaverPickup BankLancs
Thomas HenryYatess14dresser in cotton millPickup BankLancs
#174JohnHollishw76silk weaverPickup BankLancs10
BettyHollisds45cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
#175JaneNightingalehw41char womanHolden FoldLancs6
#176AbrahamLightbownhm64coal minerEccleshillLancs4
ThomasLightbownss22cotton weaverEccleshillLancs
#177WilliamHardinghm28warehouse manSalfordLancs2
Elizabeth HannahHardingd3SalfordLancs
Key to the columns
  • # – the record for each house was given an order number in the schedule
  • Rel – relationship to head of the household
    • h – head of household
    • w – wife of head of household
    • wd – ward
    • d daughter of head of household
    • s – son of head of household
    • sis – sister
    • m – mother of head of household
    • f – father of head of household
    • – lodger
    • gd – grand-daughter of head of household
    • gs – grand-son of head of household
    • sd – step-daughter of head of household
    • ss – step-son of head of household
  • C or Cond – condition
    • m – married
    • s – single
    • wid – widow
  • nk – not known
  • Today? – if the schedule is in house order from the Eccleshill end, then this is possibly today’s house number

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