Eccleshill To Let

The 1815 Auction

The farms and other property of the Eccleshill Estate were advertised to let in the ‘Lancaster Gazette’ of 31 December, 1814, at an auction to be held on 12 January 1815 at the New Inn, Blackburn. The names of the farms and fields are not necessarily the names we call them today but most of them can be found on the tithe map of 30 years later.

We have added names to some of the fields on the eastern part of the map which was drawn up in 1844 by the Tithe Commissioners. As you can see, some of the names match those in the advert but some have changed name or the fields have changed shape or usage.

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Knowle Farm

The buildings of Knowle Farm still exist today.

Eccleshill auction ad 1
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 1
1844 Comm map east - named
Eccleshill Tithe Commutation Map 1844, east

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Eccleshill Fold/Manor House Farm

Lot 2 is the Eccleshill Fold area including Manor House Farm. Notice the old name of the ‘Handel Arms’ – the ‘Rising Sun’. It was on the same side of the road as Manor House, tucked into the corner of the bend.

Eccleshill Auction 2
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 2
Lot 2 map
Eccleshill Tithe Commutation Map 1844, Eccleshill Fold

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Below Eccleshill Fold

This is a tricky lot to identify from the Tithe map because so many of the field names appear to have changed but one or two such as Sough Mouth Field seem to pin it to the Eccleshill Fold area.

Eccleshill Auction 3
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 3
Eccleshill Tithe Commutation Map 1844, below Eccleshill Fold

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Pothouse and Dandy Row to Eccleshill Fold

The auction was taking place several years before Dandy Row was begun but the map shows the cottages because it was produced 20 years or so after the first cottage was completed.

Eccleshill Auction 4
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 4
Eccleshill Auction 5
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 5
The Pothouse area in 1844

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Above Brocklehead Farm

This area became Closes Colliery. we can only identify three fields.

Eccleshill Auction 6
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 6
Above Brocklehead, 1844

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Shaw Fold and Harwood Fold

These farms are opposite Dandy Row and Pothouse.

Eccleshill Auction 7
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 7
Eccleshill Auction 9
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 9
Eccleshill Auction 13
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 13
Harwood Fold, Shaw Fold, Pottery Farm, Eccleshill Fold 1844
Eccleshill Auction 10
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 10

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Pottery Farm towards Bent Farm

Pottery Farm was a pottery at times and the field names reflect this.

Eccleshill Auction 8
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 8
Eccleshill Tithe Commutation Map 1844, middle again

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Around Shaw’s Glazed Brick Works, Waterside

Shaw’s only moved to Waterside around the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, over 50 years after the tithe map was drawn.

Eccleshill Auction 11
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 11
Eccleshill Auction 12
The Eccleshill Auction – Lot 12
Eccleshill Tithe Commutation Map 1844, Waterside

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