1861 Census

1861 DR census 1
1861 Dandy Row census – 1

There is a Key to the columns at the foot of the page

ForenameSurnameRelCondAgeOccupationWhere bornToday?
#16AndrewLomaxhm63labour of the roadEccleshillLancs2
AndrewLomaxss28coal minerEccleshillLancs
NathanielLomaxss19coal minerEccleshillLancs
JamesLomaxss16drawer, coal mineChurchLancs
#17AbramLightbownhm44coal minerEccleshillLancs4
MaudLightbownwm41Over DarwenLancs
JohnLightbownss17drawer, coal mineEccleshillLancs
Nancy EllenLightbownd8scholarEccleshillLancs
BettyLightbownn23power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
#18JefferyLomaxhm61banksman, coal mineEccleshillLancs6
#19JohnHollishm56power loom weaver, cottonPickup BankLancs8
AliceHolliswm63Pickup BankLancs
BettyHollisds34power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
JohnHollisss23power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
#20JohnShorrockhm51loomer, cotton millEccleshillLancs10
EllenShorrockwm48Pickup BankLancs
#21JosephEdgehs46pensioner/loomer, cotton millLower DarwenLancs12
1861 DR census 2
1861 Dandy Row census – 2
ForenameSurnameRelCondAgeOccupationWhere bornToday?
#22EdmundBuryhm29power loom weaver, cottonOver DarwenLancs14
Sarah AnnBurywm29EccleshillLancs
Elizabeth AliceBuryd9scholarEccleshillLancs
Mary AnnBuryd6scholarEccleshillLancs
Sarah BetsyBuryd3scholarEccleshillLancs
#23GeorgeAdcrofthm23coal minerOver DarwenLancs16
#24JeffreyLomaxhm37coal minerEccleshillLancs26
AnnLomaxwm26Over DarwenLancs
William HenryLomaxs1Over DarwenLancs
#25FrancisBecketthm44quarry manPickup BankLancs28
EllenBeckettwm48Pickup BankLancs
MargaretBeckettds16power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
NathanBeckettss14power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
JamesBeckettss10power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
#26ThomasWalshhm23stone masonOver DarwenLancs30
MargaretWalshwm21power loom weaver, cottonLower DarwenLancs
#27ThomasLightbownhm34power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs32
ElizabethLightbownwm23power loom weaver, cottonOver DarwenLancs
Nancy Lightbownd6EccleshillLancs
BettyLightbownmw72housekeeperOver DarwenLancs
1861 DR census 3
1861 Dandy Row census – 3
ForenameSurnameRelCondAgeOccupationWhere bornToday?
#28EllenRidinghm28power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs34
SimonRidings9power loom weaver, cottonOver DarwenLancs
Sarah JaneRidingd8mEccleshillLancs
#29JohnWalshhwid50power loom weaver, cottonOver DarwenLancs34back
#30DanielWalshhm47hand loom weaver, cottonOver DarwenLancs36
JohnShorrockss25power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
Mary AnnShorrockds21power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
JohnWalshss16power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
DanielWalshss13power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
#31ChristopherEccleshm50cotton tapesizerOver DarwenLancs38
AgnesEccleswm44housekeeperOver DarwenLancs
MargaretEcclesds17power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
EstherEcclesds15power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
Mary EllenEcclesds13power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
Martha AnnEcclesds13power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
#32JohnBaronhm39power loom weaver, cottonLower DarwenLancs40
EstherBaronwm39hand loom weaver, cottonOver DarwenLancs
Nancy EllenBarond11scholarEccleshillLancs
Mary JaneBarond4scholarEccleshillLancs
1861 DR census 4
1861 Dandy Row census – 4
ForenameSurnameRelCondAgeOccupationWhere bornToday?
#33JamesMarsdenhm30cotton tapesizerLower DarwenLancs42/44
PriscillaMarsdenwm32 weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
RobertMarsdens7scholarLower DarwenLancs
AliceMarsdend3Lower DarwenLancs
#34JaneEccleshs36power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
AliceEcclessiss30power loom weaver, cottonEccleshillLancs
#35JoshuaBaronhm85nilOver DarwenLancs46/44
EllenBaronwm82nilOver DarwenLancs
JoshuaBarongss35general labourerEccleshillLancs
#52JamesParkinsonhm57coal minerBlackburnLancs
BettyParkinsonwm58power loom weaver, cottonOver DarwenLancs
ThomasTaylorlwid37coal minerOver DarwenLancs
WilliamTaylorls22coal minerEccleshillLancs
1861 DR census 4
1861 Dandy Row census – 5
Key to the columns
  • # – the record for each house was given an order number in the schedule
  • Rel – relationship to head of the household
    • h – head of household
    • w – wife of head of household
    • wd – ward
    • d daughter of head of household
    • s – son of head of household
    • sis – sister
    • m – mother of head of household
    • f – father of head of household
    • l – lodger
    • gd – grand-daughter of head of household
    • gs – grand-son of head of household
    • sd – step-daughter of head of household
    • ss – step-son of head of household
  • Cond – condition
    • m – married
    • s – single
    • wid – widow
  • nk – not known
  • Today? – if the schedule is in house order from the Eccleshill end, then this is possibly today’s house number

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